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Survival Experiences


Want to try something a bit different to celebrate a special occasion this year? Why not give an OWLS survival experience a try? Have fun with your friends learning to survive in the wilderness!


The group get the chance to play some survival themed games and then are given a challenge to make shelters using natural materials. A survival experience is lead by a team of owl leaders. For each event, at least one of the leaders will be available that is first aid trained. 

Survival experiences are available in two different sites- Turvery Park in Donabate or Fitzsimons Wood in Dundrum. Due to high demand we recommend booking your party 2 months in advance (3 for summer months). For more information and details on pricing email us at


Check out these parents had to say:


-Dylan & his friends had a great time in Fitzsimons Woods on Sunday. 


-Thanks so much for a great day- the kids had a fantastic time! I'm getting loads of texts back from parents saying their kids reckon it was the best party E.V.E.R!! One even said it was a "super deadly awesome party"!!Thanks again for such a fantastic day!

-We had a wonderful time at Maggies Survival Party. It was honestly her favourite birthday ever. Mouse and Hawk were fun, informative and gentle with the kids, who were having the time of their lives: building shelters, "capturing" opposing team members..It was all done in a very safe and responsible way. Overall, every child loved it and we had a group of 15 children from age 4 to age 13. It was a great way to include all the children at their own pace. I would very much recommend this party.


My son's survival party organised by OWLS was AMAZING. It was a fantastic sight to see 9 year olds shrieking with joy as they ran around the woods playing games and building forts. Extra bonus is that I have now acquired awesome status with all my son's friends for arranging such a unique party. 

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