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'OWLS' stands for Outdoor, Wildlife, Learning and Survival, and is a Children's Nature Charity based in Dublin.

Company Overview

OWLS has been a life-long dream of founder Andrew 'Mouse' Fleming to offer families and children the ability to enjoy and learn about nature and our environment. 

As he tells it, he would look out the windows, daydreaming, while sitting in class, watching the skies, wondering about the birds flying above and wishing there was someone who could help him know more. When he got the opportunity, he went on to study nature and outdoor education and to work in the field in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

After twenty years experience, Andrew decided to make the leap and make the dream come true. OWLS was officially established in 2010 and the OWLS team are working hard to offer the public the chance to get out and about and enjoy our natural environment and heritage.



There are several services that we offer:

We run a series of outdoor events and workshops throughout the year that take place in parks and natural areas around Dublin. They are aimed at families with young children who want to discover more about their natural heritage whilst having fun outdoors. The aims of the events are to offer young children experiences that get them in tune with thir natural world, whilst learning and having fun at the same time. Events run mostly at the weekend in various parks and natural areas around Dublin.

During the school holidays we organise including week-long nature camps and sleep-outs. We run nature studies programmes in primary schools and kindergardens. We also run activities for private groups such as community groups, scouts etc.




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