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OWLS "Try it at Home" Nature Challenges


Does your family love being outside and taking on a challenge? Are you looking to put a bit of excitement into a walk in the park? Look no further. We will be posting monthly nature activities for you to download and try out yourself!


OWLS wants to help as many people as possible get outside and enjoy nature. We host lots of nature events in parks around Dublin. Check out our homepage to see if there is an event coming up near you. Since we know not everyone can make it to every one we are giving you the opportunity to try out your nature skills at home!!


We would love to know how you get on so send us your pictures or feedback to or post to Facebook, twitter or instagram with #owlsnaturechallenge.


April Challenge

Egg Painting

Since we are around Easter and as April is an unpredictable month for the weather we are going to give you a challenge you can do inside or out and will result in a cool Easter Decorations! Try your hand at Egg Painting and see what creative designs you can come up with!






March Challenge

Make a mini raft

This month we are giving you a practical task! Can you make a small raft that will sail around your local pond, down a stream or at least stay afloat in your bathtub??! These are not rafts for you to get in, just to set sail! Follow our step by step guide and see what you can make!







      February Challenge


Animal Tracking

It is always a little harder to see certain animals in the wild. Some are just a little more shy and don't give us a chance to see them ourselves. But they often leave behind clues that they have been there. One good sign to look for is their footprints! Why not put on your detective hat and search your garden or local park for traces left behind some of our favourite animals. Download our Animal Tracking Chart and see what animal prints your family can find!







January Challenge



Bird Bingo! 

We have been doing a ton of bird watching this winter in schools and with community groups and have had lots of fun. Why not try heading for a walk with your family and seeing what birds you can spot in your neighbourhood, park or even out your window?!


To help we have some bird identification charts for you to download. These show you the picture of the bird and give the name. To make it a challenge we have 5 different sheets with different birds. Why not try giving different sheets to each member of the group and see who can find their birds the fastest?! Or play a spot of bingo. Find any 3 birds in a row to get a "Bird Bingo!".


Top Tip: Use your ears as well as your eyes to find birds. If you stop and listen you may hear birds before you see them. Then try to get closer to the sound and see if you can find the singer!


Remember to let us know how it goes! Which birds did you see the most of? Which were hardest to find?



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