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                                     Wood Mouse



A wood mouse is a small mammal.

A wood mouse has a long tail, large eyes and big ears.
It has a dark brown fur coat and a grey belly.
It is fast and alert.

A wood mouse lives in the following places:

  • woodland

  • hedgerows

  • fields

  • sand dunes

  • gardens

They live in nests made of grass and usually in a burrow (underground)
The burrow has tunnels and chambers (like rooms).

About five wood mice are usually born in a litter (group).
Only the mother looks after the baby mice.
They are born blind and with no fur but can look after themselves by three weeks old.

Owls, kestrels, stoats, foxes, badgers and cats all prey on wood mice.


Wood mice eats lots of different types of food. They are omnivores. This means they eat plants and meat. Here is a selection of things they can eat:

  • fruit

  • seeds

  • nuts

  • earthworms

  • snails

  • centipedes

They can store their food in their burrows.

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