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                                   Irish Hare




Hares are mammals. They are covered in fur which is mostly brown. They have white tails and underbellys.Hares are taller and have longer ears and back legs than rabbits.


Hares are herbivores. That means they eat plants. They don't eat other
animals. A hare eats grass, leaves, seeds and bark. They eat several times a


A hare's predators are foxes, stoats and birds or prey. A hare protects
itself from predators using its speed to run away and by hiding in trees and


Hares live in many different habitats including open fields, farmlands, sand dunes, mountains. They do not live in underground burrows like rabbits but rather have nests on the ground called forms.


Hares are born with fur and their eyes open. A young hare is called a
leveret. A female can have several litters (groups of babies) in a year.


Fun Facts
A group of hares is called a drove. Female hares are bigger than males.
Hares can run at speeds up to 45mph. That is really fast!

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