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The OWLS Leaders


We have Mouse, aka 'Andrew'.  The Education and Awareness Officer (EAO). He got this nickname because he was born premature and could fit in his dad's hand when born.  Started his interest in nature whilst at primary school sitting at the back of the class looking out of the window staring at the birds flying by.   His career in the natural environment, began at a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) learning Practical Countryside Skills such as habitat management and animal protection,  then he went onto an Agricultural College to study farming skills, before finishing at University and Mastering in Environmental Management with a specialism in Environmental Education. 

If not doing 'OWL' duties, mouse can be found somewhere outdoors with a pair of binoculars, walking the two dogs Pepper and Bravie.

Mouse's favorite saying, 'it's not my writing that's bad, it's just the pen that wobbles and the letters get in the wrong place'.

His one love, apart from bird watching is sharing nature with others.


One of the latest additions to the OWLS family is ‘Swan’. Originally from Cork, Swan got her nickname from the name of her hometown of Mallow which is taken from the Irish, Magh Ealla, meaning the plain of the swans.


Her love for all things nature can largely be accredited to her thoroughbred culchie upbringing in rural North Cork. Growing up surrounded by woods, rivers and farmland was extremely valuable to her, teaching her resourcefulness, the value of imagination and instilled a sense of stewardship for nature that she can’t seem to shake off! Unable to deny her eco-warrior tendencies, she pursued a degree in environmental sciences, from which she graduated this October.


In college she worked with children in afterschool clubs every week around the city, and was part of the Activities Team in Fota Wildlife Park in the summers. Along with this she worked in a Guatemalan nature reserve in a preservation and maintenance capacity for a period in 2017. These experiences taught her the skills necessary for being part of the OWLS team, both practical and and personal.


Throughout her life there have been two constants that she always has found herself surrounded by; kids and nature. With OWLS she hopes to share her skills and boundless enthusiasm for all things nature and environmental with all who will tolerate her cheesy jokes!

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