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Once Off School Visits


If your school is too busy to commit to a year long programme but would like to experience an OWLS visit we have a variety of options for once off or seasonal visits.


If your school is going for a green flag and would like assistance creating a wildlife garden, bird feeding station or a insect hotel we can assist you. The OWLS team has lots of experience creating areas that will increase the biodiversity in your school and where the kids will enjoy playing and learning.


We can bring all the tools and equipment needed to turn your garden into a haven for wildlife and the whole school can get involved in making it!


In addition we offer seasonal visits such as Christmas wreath making, yule log making or pumpkin carving.


If there is a particular topic you would like covered with a class or classes such as tree identification, insects etc we can tailor this to your interests.


For more information or to discuss a once off or series of visits contact Andrew (Mouse) at

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