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Corporate/Group Volunteering


OWLS use a woodland site in Turvey Park, Donabate to provide education and enjoyment of nature to kids and their families. This is used by schools, community groups, our members and the general public. We are always trying to improve it; during the last few months we have been building a community garden and a natural play zone. There are always lots of small tasks we could use help with there such as clearing pathways, planting trees, making fences and using creativity to build things that kids can play on using their imaginations.

As we are a small team most of the work done on site is by us and by children and thier families. We really appreciate when groups of volunteers from local businesses can lend a hand as work gets done much more quickly!Nobody needs to be a building expert or a trained carpenter! It is just simple tasks that are easier if we have a group of adults. We provide all safety equipment, tools and training on using them and can adapt the tasks to your groups interests and abilities.

The woodland is a great place to spend a day in. We generally have a campfire going which is used for the best part of the day- roasting marshmallows.We can also bring down a bbq to cook lunch if the group would like. If you would like more information contact Andrew at


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