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                                        Red Fox





The red fox is a medium sized mammal. They are about the size of a dog. They are reddish brown with a long bushy tail with a white tip.

They have pointed ears and a triangular face.



Foxes live in many different areas from open countryside or woodlands and are now often found in cities. A fox can live in a burrow underground called an earth or in a nest in the bushes or undergrowth above ground.



Foxes are omnivores, this means they eat meat and plants. Foxes are hunters, they catch and eat rodents, rabbits, birds and other small animals. They also eat fruit, insects, seeds and whatever they can find in your bins!



Females give birth to a litter (group) of foxes. There are usually 4 or 5 foxes in a litter. Baby foxes are called cubs. Cubs need their mother for the first few weeks to keep them warm. The father brings food to the den during this time.


Fun Facts

Foxes are most active at night time. The female fox is called a vixen and a male fox is called a dog.

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