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OWLS School Competition



The OWLS leaders are lucky enough to work in schools all over Dublin and Louth. We are always surprised by the great facts and jokes we are told and the brilliant pictures we see. We wanted to share this knowledge with all of you! So we have started a series of three competitions:


1. Nature facts 

2. Nature joke 

3. Nature picture


These have all been sent in by children we work with in primary schools. Check out the winners!

2018/2019 Best Piture

This brilliant picture of a kingfisher was drawn by Anna in St Olaf's National School, Dundrum. Well done Anna!

2018/2019 Best Joke

Our winner for best joke of the year is Callum from Glenegeary Killiney National School for his series of jokes about trees. Check them out:


1. How do trees access the internet?

- They Log on!!


2. Why did the pine tree get into trouble?

-Because it was knotty!


3. What type of tree fits in your hand?

- A palm tree!


4. What did the trees wear to Mother Earth's pool party?

- Swimming trunks!

April Winners

Picture of the Month

Our Picture of the Month comes from Jake in Callystowns National School, Clogherhead.

Joke and fact of the Month

Our Joke of the Month comes from Una in St Brigids Girls National School.


What did one worm say to another?


Where on earth have you been?!




Our Fact of the Month comes from Cara in Callystown National School in Clogherhead for these facts on Dolphins:


Nearly 40species of dolphins swim in the waters of the world. Dolphins are carnivores. Known for their playful behaviour, dolphins are part of the family of whales that include orca and pilot whales. Male orcas frow to about 25 feet in length and weigh about 19,000 pounds. Most dolphins live long lives. The bottlenose dolphin can live over 40 years and the orca can live to be 70 or 80!

March Winners

This months winners of the Fact of the Month are Cody and Patrick from St Kevin's Primary School for their work on foxes. The boys did a whole project

on foxes which included these facts: 

-a Fox is an orange animal with a white bely and a white tipped tail

-A male fox is called a dog and a female is called a vixen.

-A fox has sharp claws for swiping at prey and climbing


Our Picture of the Month is from Tiernan in St Mochta's School in Louth Village.

February Winners

Fact of the Month

Our Fact of the Month winner is Seanie in Sandford National School. Here is his fact about butterflies:


A butterfly can taste with its feet.

Joke of the Month

Our Joke of the Month winner is Senna from Scoil Neasáin for this joke:


Why did the hen cross the road?


To prove it wasn't chicken!!

Picture of the Month

Our Picture of the Month winner is Ellla from St Brigid's Girls School for this picture:

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