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Magpies are a large mostly black and white bird. They have a long tail with blue or green feathers. Their feet and beak are also black.



Magpies live all across Ireland. They make nest in lots of different types of trees. Their nests usually have a roof and look like a dome or cone.



Magpies eat lots of different types of food. They eat fruit and seeds as well as insects and other small animals. They even eat other birds eggs and young chicks.



Magpies lay about 5 or 6 eggs in late spring. Both the parents feed the young chicks who can not fly at first.


Fun Facts

Magpies belong to the crow family. They are a very clever animal. They are able to learn new ways of finding food and have good memories.

There are lots of stories about magpies. Some people say you should always salute or tip your cap if you see one!

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