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Irish Wildlife


Want to learn more about Irish wildlife? OWLS want to help you learn!


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Ireland has a great array of animals living in the wild. If you want to find out more about a particular animal check out the fact files we have compiled. These are all based on the projects done by primary school children around Dublin!


Irish name: Gráinneog

Latin name: Erinaceus europaeus

Hedgehogs are small mammals covered in spikes. They are often hard to spot because they are noctornal animals which means they are active at night. Click on the button below to find out more.


Irish name: Snag breac

Latin name: Pica pica


Magpies are a large black and white bird. They have a long tail with blue or green feathers. They are often found in gardens and sound like they cackling with laughter. Click below to find out more.

Common Frog

Irish name: Froga

Latin name: Rana temporaria

Frogs are found all over Ireland. They are green or brown and have strong back legs which help them jump! Baby frogs are tadpoles and live underwater. Click below to find out more.


Irish Hare

Irish name: Giorria

Latin name: Lepus timidus hibernicus

The Irish Hare is a medium sized mammal found throughout Ireland. It is similar in appearance to a rabbit but they are larger with longer back legs and larger ears. To learn more click on the button below.


Irish name: Cruidín

Latin name: Alcedo atthis

The kingfisher is a very colourful, small bird found in Ireland along rivers, streams and lakes. As the name suggests they are excellent at catching fish! Click below to learn more.

Wood Mouse

Irish name: Luch Féir

Latin name: Apodemus sylvaticus

The wood mouse is a small mammal. It is found throughout Ireland. It is often confused with the common house mouse. Click on the link below to find out more about me.




Irish name: Bóín Dé

Latin name: Coccinellids


There are 18 different types of ladybirds which are found in Ireland. This picture is of the most common- the seven spotted ladybird. Click below to find out more.


Red Fox

Irish name: Sionnach

Latin name: Vulpes vulpes

The Red Fox is one of Ireland's most widely known and easy to recognise mammals. It is commonly spotted in cities and the countryside all over Ireland. Click on the link below to find out more about them.


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