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Adult frogs are about as big as a grown ups hand. They are usuall green or brown with dark spots. They have four legs. Their back legs are longer than their front legs which helps them to jump. They have smooth and slimy skin. They have webbed feet which help them swim.




Frogs are amphibians which means they can live underwater and on land. Baby frogs (tadpoles) live underwater but adults spend most of their time on land. Adults are found in fields, woodlands, wetlands and even back gardens!




Frogs lay eggs (called frog spawn in the spring. A female frog will lay about 2000 eggs straight into the water! Not all of these will survive to become an adult. The mother and father do not stay to look after the eggs.When the egg hatches a tadpole comes out. It takes a few months for a tadpole to turn into a frog. They grow back legs, then front legs and then their tail gets shorter and shorter! In the summer they become a small frog and jump out of the water.



Adult frogs mainly eat insects including worms, slugs and flies. 


Fun Facts

Female frogs are bigger than males. Common frogs use camouflage to hide from predators. They are green or brown (the same colour as the grass or the forest) which makes it hard for them to be seen by a predator


Frog spawn

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