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What is OWLS?

OWLS stands for outdoor, wildlife, learning and survival. We are a children's nature charity based in Dublin.

Our Aims:

OWLS want to encourage and facilitate the enjoyment of nature. We are mostly aimed at primary school children and their families. Our activities are about having FUN outside whilst learning about nature.


Our Services:
OWLS offer a range of services including school visits,after school clubs, private events for community groups, public events in parks around Dublin and activity camps during the school holidays and mid term breaks.


For Foreseeable Future

Dear OWLS Community,


We’ve been asked by the Department of Community and Rural Development to help them make sure that all our members receive certain information notices during this current COVID-19 outbreak.


Please find below the advice we have been given:


''With corona, children are vectors as well as victims . Please don't assume otherwise.  In most epidemics young children are the transmitters that can be easily transmitted to seniors and those of poor health.   Therefore for school closure to be effective it’s really important that the kids aren’t mixing with other kids while out of school, meeting up in groups or visiting other members of the family. They will give it to each other silently, then pass it on to our loved ones''.


Here width, OWLS is cancelling all workshops, events and survival parties for the next two weeks, and up until  Governments scientist have more information in relation to COVID-19.


Our collective efforts are critical, we need to do this together, as one community.   Everyone has a part to play, to help each other and ourselves.


This phase requires a community effort, every citizen acting responsibly in order to protect our vulnerable and elderly members of society.
Thank you in advance for your support at this important time.


Mouse and Swan.

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COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
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COVID-19 Notice
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COVID-19 Notice
Give the Gift of Land
COVID-19 Notice
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